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NOSS & Qualification

Provide institutes with required information to tailor/change their programs to meet the outcomes defined in the NOSS.

Assessment & Certification

Provides and manages world-class assessments for the qualifications to enable candidates to demonstrate the knowledge and practical skills they have developed during their training.

News & Media

Provide candidates to make informed choices and incentivize institutes to improve the quality of vocational education.


To ensure confidence in technical and applied skills training in the Kingdom. 


As an authority organization, we ensure skills standards are applied and training quality is monitored with integrity and objectivity. Transparent and up to date information is accessible to all stakeholders. 

Better Training, Better Jobs

Providing attractive, high-quality jobs for Saudi Nationals is one of the most important priorities for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and of His Highness, King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.