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Saudi Skills Standards Qualifications

These qualifications were developed over a 12-month period by international technical training experts working closely with employer panels in the Kingdom.  The development process consisted of the following stages:

1.       Labor market research

2.       Development of National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) based on world class standards tailored to Saudi needs

3.       Analysis of the NOSS to develop qualifications at two levels

4.       Consultation with employer panels and local subject matter experts

The rationale for the design of these qualifications is as follows:

1.       The qualifications adhere as closely as possible to the relevant NOSS, while offering Associate Diploma and Diploma qualifications which cover skills and knowledge valued by employers.

2.       The Associate Diploma is more broad-based in content than the Diploma, covering essential skills and a working knowledge of principles, processes and procedures. 
The Associate Diploma is a prerequisite for the Diploma but can also be a “‘standalone” qualification for trainees who do not wish to progress to the Diploma but want to enter the labor market with valuable set of skills, knowledge and competencies at a lower level.

3.       The Diploma is more specialized, providing opportunities for trainees to develop and demonstrate skills in specific areas. Trainees will develop a more in-depth understanding of a wider range of procedures and processes as well as increased confidence in practical understanding and application.  Trainees successful in the Diploma should be able to enter the labor market as specialists or technicians.