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Saudi Skills Standards will actively engage Saudi employers to help redefine and improve technical and vocational training in the Kingdom. In its early stages Saudi Skills Standards is focusing on two goals : 

• Help ensure training programs meet employer needs: Saudi Skills Standards is working to define the skills standards that enable providers to build programs that meet the needs of employers. Employers are helping to guide this process, but we welcome more input. Please click here to learn more about the NOSS, and to take our websurvey. 

• Ensure that young Saudi technical and vocational college graduates have the skills expected by employers. In the coming months Saudi Skills Standards will design both computer based and practical assessments to test student based on the new NOSS. These assessments will be the basis for accrediting graduates in their chosen fields of study, and will provide a stamp of quality that employers can rely on. Saudi Skills Standards expects to roll out student assessments in 2014.

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